There is a productivity gap in the field crops, horticultural crops due to decreasing average farm holdings size, decreasing cultivable area, increasing soil salinity, declining water levels, imbalanced use of fertilizers and micro-nutrient deficiency and harsh climate. Selling of farms produce is also a difficult task due to intermediaries between the original farmers and consumers. Farmer's per hectare income is decreasing day by day due to the heavy cost of Agricultural inputs and low market price for the crop. The solution to these problems is to adopt alternative technologies to increase productivity, diversify production and reduce risk to increase the profit. Farmer's need to have a more market-oriented approach and they have to holistically plan “What they need to grow?”, “What are the low-cost production methods?”, “Where the crop is to be sold to maximize profit?”.

"AgriDost is an AgriTech platform for managing an efficient and effective agriculture value chain to provide maximum value to all stakeholders.”

AgriDost provides agriculture solutions services to the farmers through local micro-entrepreneurs, backed by AgriDost local eco-system and Technology platform. The farmers would just have to reach out to these Micro entrepreneurs to avail the AgriDost services. We select, train and equip Micro entrepreneurs with the skills required to offer products and services in their local vicinity.

We are offering three value propositions to the farmers.

  • Higher-income through reduced input cost
  • Increased yield through best practices and support services
  • Higher price realization through better market access & Processing

Overview of our Model